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Increase hiring accuracy using hiring data, advanced AI / analytics, and behavioral science.

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Journeyfront's predictive hiring software helps companies make hiring decisions with a level of accuracy previously unattainable.

Improved hiring accuracy leads to huge results

  • Increased Employee Performance

  • Reduced Turnover

  • Improved Culture Fit

  • Increased Job Satisfaction

Predictive Screen™

Screen candidates using advanced analytics built from patterns found between your employees' traits and the outcomes that matter to you (employee performance, turnover, satisfaction/engagement, culture fit, etc.).

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Predictive Interview™

Meet the world's most powerful structured interview solution. Structured interviews are 5X more predictive then unstructured interviews. We've taken the power of structured interviews to exciting new heights.

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The Experts Agree. Data is Changing Hiring.

Our #1 Prediction for 2019?  Data-driven matching will become the new paradigm for hiring. 

—Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist at Glassdoor (2019) —

"The highest impact action a recruiting function can take is to shift to a data-driven mode."

— Dr. John Sullivan, dubbed 'The Michael Jordan of Hiring' (2018) —

"Winners in the war for talent will be those companies that harness data and advanced analytics."

— Vijay D'Silva, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company (2018)—

What Makes Us Different

Multiple Outcomes at Once

Whether you're looking to improve performance, reduce turnover, or optimize the cultural fit of your hires, Journeyfront was built to handle it all.

Driven by Your Data

Every company is different. Our insights are driven by your own data, capturing the unique nuances that matter at your company and in your positions. This means more accurate predictions that you can count on.

Real-Time Hiring Insights

All hiring data is automatically correlated with your post-hire outcomes. This allow companies to know what's working and not working in their hiring process at any given time so they can improve continuously.

Quick Set-Up

Set up for Predictive Interview takes < 1 hour. Set up for Predictive Screen takes 2-3 weeks.

Bad hires cost companies millions of dollars


Cost to replace a bad hire (as a % of annual salary)



Total cost of a bad hire (as a % of annual salary)

Leadership IQ Institute


Percentage of turnover due to bad hiring decisions

Harvard Business Review

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