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Journeyfront uses hiring data and machine learning to accurately predict candidate performance and retention

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Add AI For Even More Accuracy

Journeyfront also offers an artificial intelligence (AI) add-on that will identify patterns in your historical data to predict applicant performance, retention, and cultural fit. To date, these predictions, have had an accuracy rate of 73-91%.

Real-Time Hiring Intelligence

With closed loop hiring, your hiring and performance management systems can now talk to each other. Journeyfront dashboards reveal what's working and not working in your hiring process in real time, all driven by your own data.

"Organizations that don’t check to see how well their practices predict the quality of their hires are lacking in one of the most consequential aspects of modern business."


Peter Cappelli (HBR)

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Bad hires cost companies millions of dollars


Cost to replace a bad hire (as a % of annual salary)



Total cost of a bad hire (as a % of annual salary)

Leadership IQ Institute


Percentage of turnover due to bad hiring decisions

Harvard Business Review

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