Data Driven Hiring Tools for Faster and More Accurate Hiring

Journeyfront is a data driven hiring platform designed to help you hire top talent fast. Make it easy to screen, interview and hire the best candidates while leveraging data and analytics to continuously streamline the hiring process.

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Better Hiring Leads to Better Results

In the first year, Journeyfront customers typically see an average improvement of

Reduction In Time-To-Hire
Turnover Reduction
Performance Improvement
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Freedom Financial Testimonial
If you’re trying to solve the issue of short-term turnover or job performance, you need Journeyfront.

Heather Marcom - Head of Talent Acquisition at Freedom Financial

See how Freedom Financial reduced their short-term turnover by 27% while improving employee performance by 30%

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Use Data To Hire Faster

Identify the right candidates faster through automated analysis of qualifications.
Know how to reduce the length of your hiring process by using data to identify the unnecessary elements of your screening and interview process.
Make hiring decisions faster by having all the information you need to make the right decision in real time.
Save time gathering the screening and interview data necessary to make a hiring decision by having all the data in one place, in real time.

Use Data to Hire More Accurately

Avoid missing the most qualified candidates in the initial screening by evaluating everyone against the same criteria.
Identify the most important characteristics, skills, and qualifications that lead to successful employees so you can measure what matters most.
Identify the screening and interview questions that lead to the most successful employees so you can spend more time on the important questions.
Reduce bias in hiring by relying on objective factors rather than subjective ones, such as gut feelings or personal biases.

How do you work with my ATS?

We understand that seamless integration with your current technology stack is crucial for hiring success. That's why our software seamlessly integrates with all major ATS platforms. This lets you enhance your current hiring process with cutting-edge technology without the hassle of transitioning to a new system. Our integration capabilities enable a smooth, streamlined hiring process, empowering you to tap into the true potential of data-driven recruitment.

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