Company Background

doTERRA sources, tests, manufactures, and distributes pure essential oils and natural wellness products to over nine million Wellness Advocates and customers across 86 countries.


The Problem

Ineffective screening process causing lost time for hiring managers who only found 50% of second interviews qualified to receive a job offer. Additionally, short-term turnover (less than 90 days) and 37% of Call Agents did not meet “Acceptable Call Rating Score” for job performance.


The Solution

Journeyfront improved the selection efficiency and screening process and reduced hiring manager interviews, automating interviews and automating entire hiring process.


The Results

A more accurate screening process led to an increase of second interview to job offer rate from 50% to 71% (42% increase) and increased “Acceptable Call Rating Scores” from 73% to 86% (18% increase) and reduced short-term turnover from 28% to 19% (34% decrease).