Behavioral Assessments
Identify the traits that predict performance and retention in your jobs.
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Why Behavioral Assessments?

Our behavioral assessments help you identify the traits that drive success in your job roles and then screen applicants for those traits. Our focus is on hiring accuracy because hiring accurately increases job performance, retention and culture fit while employees thrive naturally.

Measure What Matters

 While general traits are a good starting point, we believe every job is unique. Getting custom allows you to get accurate outcomes. Here's a few areas we measure for hiring accuracy. Have something in mind you want to measure? Let's chat. 



Personality is how a person approaches the world and what they like.


Personal Interests

When a person is working on things they are interested in they are more engaged, work hard, and stay at jobs longer. Measuring a person's interests is a must, when considering accurate job fit.


Personal Values

What a person values in the workplace directly impacts how satisfied they are, how well they perform, and how long they stay in a job.



What a person is good at matters when there's a job to be done. Competencies identify who can perform on the job. If a candidate doesn't meet the minimum requirements, screen them out and focus on those who are built for the job.

All Assessments Are Custom

We understand that every job and company is unique, so we use your employee data to identify what success looks like in each one of your job roles and then screen applicants for those traits. Custom results require a custom approach. Don’t settle for an assessment that uses general industry data—get custom.

Aggregate and Leverage All Your Data

The more data you are able to use, the more accurate you can be. We help you collect and leverage all your pre-hire data to ensure you make the most of your information for all your hiring decisions.

We Track and Improve All Day Every Day

We connect your pre-hire data with your post-hire outcomes, so we know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Our process constantly tests, tracks and makes changes that continuously improve your hiring process. After all, if what you’re doing isn’t improving your results, why do it?