Job Simulations
See how candidates respond to tasks they will encounter in the job.
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What Is a Job Simulation?

A job simulation asks candidates to respond to a digitized simulation that replicates what it’s like to work in a given job. This acts as a powerful screening tool to weed out candidates who don’t have the necessary skills required for job success. Custom job simulations can be especially valuable for companies who need to scale up to hire a lot of people for similar roles quickly.


Choose From Our Library or Customize Your Own

Pre-packaged job simulations can provide good insights on whether a candidate might be successful in a specific job, but if your goal is hiring accuracy, you need a custom solution. Our team of experienced IO-psychologists work hand in hand with you to deliver custom job simulations that are unique to your company and jobs. Custom solutions produce custom results.

Popular Job Simulations

Call Center Simulation
Sales Call Simulation
Bank Teller Interaction Simulation
Loan Underwriting Simulation
Data Entry Simulation
Accountant/Financial Analyst Simulation
Secretary/Assistant Simulation
Software Engineer Simulation

Gets Better Over Time

We connect your pre-hire data with your post-hire outcomes so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Our process constantly tests, tracks and makes changes that continuously improve your hiring process. After all, if what you’re doing isn’t improving your results, why do it?