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Are you looking to build a data driven hiring process? Journeyfront brings structure and automation to your hiring process, enabling data driven decisions and improvements.
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How Does Journeyfront Help Improve the Overall Hiring Process?

Our technology structures interviews, automates data collection, and tracks process adherence for better decision making. Journeyfront software instantly analyzes the effectiveness of your hiring process to ensure the best candidates are being selected while giving you the insights to continuously improve the process. All of this leads to faster and more accurate hiring.

Structure Your Entire Process

Structuring your hiring process is the first step to being data driven. By knowing what everyone is going to do and how your hiring decisions are going to be made, you can ensure that the best candidates are selected for the job. Structure will also ensure that the process is fair and objective. By collecting structured hiring data you will also be able to make data driven decisions to improve the speed and quality of your hiring process.

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Automate As Much As Possible

Some things you need to talk to a candidate about in person and some things you don’t, and our tools help you automate a large part of the vetting process. We will help you continually know what else can be automated so you can do less manual tasks while getting great candidates.

Track Your Progress

Creating a structured, automated hiring process is one thing, and getting everyone to use it is another. We’ll track how much of the process is being followed, where there are gaps, and give you the data you need to make improvements. The data goes beyond the hiring decision as we will track the success of the new hires so you know if your process is truly accomplishing your hiring goals.

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Make Improvements Based On Data

Because everything is structured, and data is being collected every step of the way, you will have everything you need to make data driven decisions on how to improve your process. Our dashboards and reports will tell you what's working well and what needs improvement to help you hire faster and more accurately. You’ll have the confidence to know that the changes you're making will have the desired effect. No more guessing, no more gut decisions, that's data driven hiring.

Journeyfront Delivers Results, Not Just Reports.

Results matter most, and we track them with every client. Here's a summary of what we've accomplished so far.

Customers who saw reduction in turnover in the first year
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Average turnover reduction all time
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Once we saw the data on what specific traits were impacting retention in each role, it destroyed the myths around what we thought we needed.

Heather Marcom

Head of Talent Acquisition at Freedom Financial