Ultimate Guide For Hiring Assessments 2023 (PDF)

According to Harvard Business Review, "80% of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions." In fact turnover, retention, performance and culture are all impacted by hiring the right person for each job. The popularity of pre-hire assessments continues to grow for companies that want more predictive accuracy in their hiring processes because better hiring starts with better assessments.

In this guide we dive deeper into how to use pre-hire assessments effectively and how to identify the unique traits that lead to lower turnover as well as improving retention and performance.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Why do we need hiring assessments
  • Hiring right is hard
  • Why is Journeyfront more accurate than traditional assessments?
  • It all starts with hiring accuracy
  • What makes Journeyfront the most accurate?
  • 5 reasons hiring accuracy works better than hiring efficiency


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