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Track the success of your hiring initiatives and make continuous improvements to your process with automated reporting and analytics.
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Turnover Dashboard Designed to Identify Turnover Patterns

Our powerful turnover dashboard allows you to identify whether different interventions (changes to the hiring process, supervisor training, onboarding, compensation, etc.) are having an impact on retention rates.  

Our dashboard tool also shows you what to change in your hiring process in order to continuously improve the accuracy of your hiring process over time.

Know If Your Hiring Is Getting Better

The goal of every process is to hire great people fast. Our built-in data analytics will show you if your hiring process is yielding better people faster over time. We’ll also show you the details so you can pinpoint problems and fix them to achieve the results you want.

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Track the Process Every Step of the Way

It’s one thing to design a great hiring process, and another to actually get it to work. Our built-in analytics will show you the health of your hiring process and where there is room for improvement.

See What’s Working and Not Working

Before you can make improvements to your hiring process, you have to evaluate what’s working and not working. Every piece of hiring data captured in Journeyfront's system is compared against the outcomes you care about so you know if it's helping you hire great people fast. Want to know if years of experience matter? Or which interview questions are a waste of time? Or if you even need to do a phone screen? We’ve got you covered.

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Identify Patterns and Traits to Predict Performance and Turnover

Our in-depth dashboard allows you to analyze all of your hiring data in relation to turnover and performance, making it very clear for your recruiting team to know what and where to improve your hiring.

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Journeyfront has made our hiring process more objective and constantly scrutinizes for ways we can improve.

Gabe Ferreira

HR Manager at TruHearing