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If your goal is to hire the right person for the job, accuracy counts. Our assessments screen applicants by identifying the unique traits that lead to high performance and retention at your company. Now you can move through the recruiting funnel with confidence knowing which applicants will be the best fit for the job, every time you hire. 

Why Assessment+ is the Most Accurate.
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Assessment +
Custom To You
Custom always fits better. We use your employee data to identify what success looks like in each job role and then create a custom algorithm by adding questions and attributes that are unique to your company. Hiring accurately for your company is always a good fit.
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Centralize All Your Data
More data means more accuracy. We help you collect and optimize all your pre-hire data, including initial application, assessments and phone screen results to ensure you have all the data possible to make the most accurate hiring decisions.
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Assessment +
Continuous Improvement
If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Our closed-loop feedback system connects your pre-hire assessment data to your post-hire outcomes so you're always getting more accurate about who you hire, while your process continuously improves.
Workfront Testimonial
We've been able to pinpoint common attributes among our top performing reps and build the ideal candidate profile, which has led to better hires. It also mitigates risk long-term, and keeps our hiring costs down.

Justin Hiatt

Vice President of Digital Sales at Workfront


An Experience Applicants Love

Assessments are short, mobile friendly and full of insights for both hiring teams and candidates. Screen candidates in minutes based on the traits that matter most for your company.

Start with our Catalog of Pre-built Assessments

No need to start from scratch. All Journeyfront Assessments have been scientifically validated by trained psychometricians. Leverage decades of proven research combined with insights from your own employees to drive the most accurate screening process possible. Our standard assessments cover a range of personality, personal values, interests, and competencies.
Off the Shelf Assessment

Custom Means More Accurate

We know that every company and job is different, so we customize to your needs. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for in your candidates or need help identifying what works, we’re here for you. We use your employee data to identify what success looks like in each one of your job roles and then screen for those traits in your applicants. You’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not throughout your entire hiring process. No matter what you want to measure, or how you want to measure it, we are here to help you find the right fit for every job.

Easy to Interpret Scorecards

Hiring teams can collaborate and make accurate hiring decisions by viewing all your screening data in one place.
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Reporting and Continuous Improvement

Journeyfront is powered by a closed-loop feedback system that connects your hiring data with your post-hire outcomes associated with each new hire. This allows you to always know what's working and what’s not working in your hiring process. You'll get better hires now, while you make continuous improvements to your hiring process. The closed-loop allows you to keep getting smarter about who and how you hire over time.
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We predict that winners in the war for talent will go beyond deploying 'off the shelf' assessments to develop evidence based models, (identifying the attributes) required to successfully deliver on a specific role in its unique environment. This can be accomplished through closed loop machine learning to pinpoint what factors distinguish high performers from the rest.

Vijay D'Silva

Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company