Candidate Screening Questions To Ask Before Hiring

Recruiters spend countless hours reviewing applications of unqualified candidates. Screening questions helps recruiters save time by automating their top of the funnel screen.

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Easy Set Up

Easily set up screening questions to automatically score the minimum requirements from applicants.
Just pick from our list or create your own.


One Click Answers

Make it easy for applicants to answer screening questions with just one click from any device.
Quickly Visualize Who Qualifies

Candidate scorecards allow you to quickly visualize who measures up to screening criteria so you can focus on qualified candidates. Drill down for further details as needed.

Customize Your Scoring

Custom scoring puts recruiters in the drivers seat when it comes to auto-screening. Recruiters can apply weighting to specific questions and points to specific answers. This bundles up into a total weighted score, which auto-filters your candidate pools from most to least qualified.

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Know What's Working

Because your screening questions sit on top of our Closed Loop Hiring™ system you will always know, in real time, what questions correlate most strongly with post-hire success.

Want to see our screening questions in action?