Hiring & Candidate Scorecards For Job Applicants

Make it easy for hiring teams to collaborate and make great hiring decisions. Merge all data collected during the screening process in one place.

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All Your Hiring Data In One Place

Visualize all your data on a candidate in one place.  No more searching for interview guides or chasing people down to gather their feedback on an applicant.

Aggregate Scores by Screening Step

Aggregate all scores across the screening process in one place for more effective stage management.

Aggregate Scores by Attribute

Aggregate scores by attribute to better visualize each candidate's unique strengths and weaknesses.

Aggregate Scores by Interviewer

Visualize where each interviewer agreed and disagreed for faster and better decision-making.

Capture Interviewer Notes

Numeric scores don't always tell the whole story.  Quickly access the notes from every interviewer for every applicant.

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Compare Applicants Side-by-side

Easily compare applicants side by side across the dimensions that you've deemed matter.

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